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Recurring monthly payments with full access to all The Online Yoga Sanctuary videos

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Immerse yourself in practice! Sign up for 6-monthly recurring payments and pay 25% less for membership – full access to all The Online Yoga Sanctuary videos

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$44 AUD
(approx. $29 USD)

Get a 10 day free trial with full access to all The Online Yoga Sanctuary videos. Cancel within 10 days with no charge or after your free trial you will be charged the standard monthly rate.

You can opt out at any time, your membership will continue to run with recurring payments until you cancel the membership. 

Please read our terms and conditions before committing to a membership. By committing to a membership you agree to the terms and conditions stated on this website.

What is included in your membership?

You will have access to the entire video and recordings library on The Online Yoga Sanctuary website. This gives you the opportunity to practice yoga whenever and wherever you are. Practices to enjoy wherever you can roll out a yoga mat or meditations to guide you when in transit or in any moment of the day when you need a reset.

These videos and recordings include Hatha, Yin and Yin Yang yoga classes, Meditations, Yoga Nidra classes and Guided Savasanas.

Added to the library are a number of videos called ‘How To?’

These little gems are your yoga aids. They are small demonstrations of fundamental yoga knowledge. A bunch of helpful tips on how to breathe, move and yoga. These tips will help to make your practice more complete.

The video library will be updated weekly with new classes to inspire you to continue this wonderful practice that is yoga.

Mysan Sidbo is the main teacher that you will meet in these videos. She has invited guest teachers to add some variety and different flavour to The Online Sanctuary. Through Mysan and these guest teachers and their classes, you will experience a wide spectrum of learning – through different methods, nuances and inspiration.

To inspire you to ‘live your yoga’ there is also a page called ‘Musings’. This is where you will receive quotes and writings to ponder and explore – anything from life moments to deeper yoga philosophy will come your way through the  usings page.

We hope you will enjoy being a part of The Sanctuary tribe!


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