If you would like to get up close with Mysan, studying or practicing yoga with her in person, here is how!

Teacher Training

Mysan holds a variety of workshops, retreats and teacher training courses throughout the year. All teacher training, 400hr, 200hr and 100hr, are registered with World Yoga Alliance. This includes a mix of long and short courses for Yin, Hatha, Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Anatomy. As a registered senior teacher with World Yoga Alliance, Mysan Sidbo is the main teacher at all courses.

 400 Hour Applied Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Diploma

2023 is already in flow! 2024 TBA

(This training is also offered over 8-12 months as a mentoring and apprentenceship programme. Email for full info)

The teacher training is divided into 3 parts over 6 months:

Module 1: Online studies, readings, assignment and mentoring session (Foundation information – to prepare the trainee for what is to come). Start now or the latest by April 1 2023.

Module 2: Bali Immersion. 3 weeks. Practice, theory, hands on experience and lectures (we are diving deep into yoga practice, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, energy and more).

Module 3: Mentoring, Observe, Assist and Align. Final assignments and Zoom mentoring sessions (Preparation for the trainee to step out and embark on teaching yoga with all that it entails). Finishing October the latest.

For full info, pricing and to apply, please email us at hello@theonlineyogasanctuary.com requesting the application form and the Info sheet for FHYTT  or the mentorship for FHYTT

This training is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Hatha yoga. The teacher trainee will be enabled to become a confident yoga teacher who is capable of providing interesting and safe yoga sessions to each unique student from a place of knowledge and confidence. Handling group class scenarios as well as private sessions.

Early Bird Price $8000 (incl. Bali bed and breakfast + welcome and graduation dinners)

Instalment payments available

For full info and to apply, please email us at hello@theonlineyogasanctuary.com requesting the application form and the Info sheet for FHYTT  or for the 400 hour traiing mentorship.


Mentoring Sessions and Series

Mysan offers a variety of mentoring programs for students and teachers.

As a yoga student whether you want to evolve your practice, gain further insight into your body and Being or dive into yoga philosophy, a program can be tailored to you.

As a yoga teacher a mentoring program can be set up to serve your teaching needs. You might want to take your teachings to a new level, learn more anatomy or explore how to guide your students with more confidence. Mentoring can be about sequencing and creating balanced classes. It can be about gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of yoga as a whole practice. Maybe you have a curiosity about yoga philosophy and Patanjali’s yoga sutras? Whatever your needs a mentoring program can be set up to suit you.

Depending on where you are in the world these mentoring programs can take place online via zoom or facetime or in person.

The Mentoring Series is a program designed to provide you with knowledge, structure, tools and opportunity for you to take your yoga to a new level. We will together tailor The Mentoring Series to your individual needs to serve you in the best possible way.

Depending on your needs, in The Mentoring Series we will:

  • Evaluate where to take your yoga (teachings and/or practice) and to create a clear vision to move forward with.
  • Provide you knowledge, understanding and insights in your individual areas of need.
  • Change limiting belief systems that are in the way of your yoga and success.
  • Design a pathway for your yoga (teachings and/or practice) that you are inspired by.
  • Introduce structures, ways, routines and samskaras to keep on track.
  • Enabling you to achieve results, as well as living your yoga at the source of happiness, wellbeing, freedom, balance and joy.

This series provides a powerful blend of the theoretical, practical and the spiritual.

So reach out to Mysan via email and book in for an initial consultation to see if this is for you!

Packages of the series:

The Pow Wow

1 mentoring session $160AUD or $115USD

Ignite and Flourish!

3 sessions $465AUD or $325USD

(these 3 sessions are to be completed within 2 months from the first session)

Blossom and Soar!

5 sessions $760AUD or $530USD

(these 5 sessions are to be completed within 3 months from the first session)

For enquires and to book your initial consultation please email  hello@theonlineygoasanctuary.com

Classes in Person

When she is not off running a teacher training somewhere on our wonderful globe you will find her teaching classes at The Sanctuary yoga studio on the Central Coast in NSW Australia.

Check out the website for The Sanctuary here



For Inspiring and Educational Online Courses

Please visit


‘Contemplations of a Yogi’ a Zoom Seminar

Our next free Zoom seminar date TBA. Mysan will lead this seminar finishing up with Q&A.

New topic TBA

Sydney 5pm
Singapore 3pm
Stockholm to Berlin 9am
Bali 2pm

A free seminar for all The Online Yoga Sanctuary members – email us your interest and we will send you the link!

Live Your Yoga Retreat Bali

Next date TBA – email to show your interest!

Early Bird price $1500. Full price $1850

5 full days of meditation, yoga, yoga philosophy, evolving practice and mindfulness, joy and laughter. Your accommodation is including check in and check out days making it all 7 days.

The Live Your Yoga Retreat is a wonderful way to take some time to nurture YOU, balance your being, evolve your practice, connect with like-minded people and to relax, enjoy and receive goodness for you.

You will be immersed in yoga, healthy and yummy food, the loving care of our Balinese retreat centre family and the wonderful sanctuary of our retreat centre with its jungle garden, pool and facilities. Our home away from home is hidden away from the outside world, yet close enough to adventure into Ubud whenever you would like. Mysan will be with you all the way throughout this retreat. She will be there to support you, guide you and laugh with you.

We will throughout the days, explore different ways of living yoga (meaning; living a healthy and joyful life that has amazing health and wellbeing routines, tricks and tools to help us). Movement is medicine, meditation is joy for your mind and nervous system and we will also explore releasing toxins with the help of lymph practices and gua sha,  so get excited!!

Email us at hello@theonlineyogasanctuary.com  for full deatils and to join!

Level 1 Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Yin and Trauma Release.

2023 Yin level 1 training in Australia!!

Mysan dont normally teach this training in Australia so this is a treat!!

The location is the wonderful Forster Yoga Studio in Forester, NSW. All the information and to join in, please visit Forsters Yoga Studio where you can also enquire about sharing rides and accomodation if needed.

Four awesome weekends (every second weekend) and here are the dates:

Sep 1st-3rd Friday – Sunday

Sep 15th-17th Friday – Sunday

Sep 29th- Oct 1st  Friday – Sunday

Oct 6th-7th Friday – Saturday


Friday times: 12.00pm-6.00pm (small breaks included but not long food break)

Saturday: 7.30am -4.30pm (1 hour lunch break included)

Sunday 7.30am-1.00pm (small breaks included but not long food break)

To book, or for full info clic here: Forester Yoga Studio 



Bali 2024

Are you interested in teaching Yin to its full power and take your teaching to the top?

Here is how!!

100 hours Yin yoga Teacher Training

Dates 1-14 September 2024


100 Hour Yin Training in a nutshell:

100 Hour Level 1, Yin and Trauma Release, provides a thorough understanding of Yin Yoga and the power to teach Yin Yoga authentically and with integrity through knowledge and experience.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the main original Yin poses that are aimed to give freedom and health to the pelvis and spine. You will become well educated in the teachings of meridian lines, chakras and seasonal practices. The aim is for you to teach successful and intelligent classes packed with fascia, energy, anatomy, philosophy, and wellbeing information.

This is the real deal Yin Yoga! The kind that is deeply potent and profound. You will explore and learn this through practices, theory and lectures. This training is designed for you to learn academically, but also feel and understand it holistically. And when you are heading out to teach, your students will love you for it!

Brief course outline 100 Hour Yin Training:

– Yin’s main poses. Learn Yin Yoga’s main and original poses with their physical target and energetic target areas.

– Functional anatomy. Learn all the anatomy needed to teach Yin Yoga (pelvis, lower body, and spine). Deep knowledge of pelvis and spinal anatomy.

– Fascia. Lectures on the body fascia, water, and hydration and how that is connected through our whole Being. Continuous fascia knowledge.

– Fascia issues. Issues in your tissues may be physical scar tissue or emotional scar tissue, with this knowledge you can assist your students on different levels while in practice.

– Asana lab lectures. These lectures will teach you everything you need to serve each individual student, in every pose. Exploring biomechanics.

– Yin Yang Philosophy.

– The History of Yin Yoga. Indian tantric teachings and philosophy meets Daoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

– The Purpose of Yin Yoga. Each pose has its purpose, only when we know it, can we accurately teach it. The practice has a purpose that we also need to understand to teach it with the profoundness it deserves.

– ROM. Gain full understanding of individual and functional range of motion, compression, and tension.

– Meridian lines and Chi/Qi. Learn the main meridian lines, including the meridian and chi education needed to teach Yin yoga.

– Seasonal practices. Learn how to teach Yin Yoga differently for each season.

– Trauma/Chronic illness. Explore how Yin can aid healing of trauma, chronic and acute illness, and dis-ease.

– Yin Sequencing. Learn how to create intelligent Yin Yoga classes.

– Teach Yin. Learn how to teach an empowering Yin class with integrity and confidence.

– Assist and align. Learn how to assist your students, meeting their individual needs to find the most functional pose for them.

– Chakras and chakra meditation. Practice and lectures.

– Yoga Philosophy will be deeply woven throughout the training.

This training will educate you from the depths of your bones to the edges of your Universe.

– A Yin Yoga certificate will be awarded to all participants who successfully complete this training

Each day will consist of meditation practice, Yin Yoga practice, lectures, theory, asana labs and all things Yin!

The great experience you will gain from all the guided practises, lectures discussions and hands on learning methods, will take your yoga teachings to a whole new level!

Starting at $3999 full course investment including traditional Balinese accomodation, full retreat facilities, breakfast, coffee, tea, fruit and water throughout the days and more.

For full info, pricing and to apply, please email us at hello@theonlineyogasanctuary.com requesting the application form and the info sheet for YinTT 2024

Level 2 Yin Yang Yoga, Fascia Fitness Teacher Training 2024

Dates 15-27 September 2024

A continuation of our Yin training, deepening our knowledge, adding the upper body Yin and the flow of Yang to our teachings. Pre-reqs for this training is to have completed either Mysan’s 100 hour Yin training.

Starting at $3999 full course investment including traditional Balinese accomodation, full retreat facilities, breakfast, coffee, tea, fruit and water throughout the days and more.

For full info, pricing and to apply, please email us at thesanctuary108@gmail.com requesting the application form and the Info sheet for YinYangTT 20224

Passion + Knowledge

Words from Mysan

Functional movement, anatomy and yoga is my passion and I do believe I am here to share this with as many curious beings as possible, with the aim of creating more health, wellbeing, and laughter in the world! My goal is to educate yoga teachers to know even more then I know! The purpose is so they can share it widely throughout their communities!

My life-long love for anatomy has brought me into anatomy labs and yoga rooms, universities, and academies internationally.

I am a student first and my studies are continuous, after all, the wisdom of our body and Being is infinite, so how could I ever stop learning about it?!

About 15 years ago I started to put two and two together and it added up to five!

Our yoga asana (poses) practice was lacking in understanding physical range of motion, anatomy, bones, and individual movement. It was stagnated in set movements, striving to get every student in the class to look the same, bend the same and breathe in unison.

And our yoga practice was almost only focused on asana! Where was the ‘living our yoga’?

The problem is, if we do asana after a cookie cutting formula, the ‘living our yoga’ part won’t be easy to connect with. We hear teachers say, the body will lead to the spirit, practice and all shall come. But how can it, when the alignment rules of yoga asana limits the student’s progress by cornering them to do asana in such structured and limited way?

“Nobody puts baby in a corner!” Quoting Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing

None of us should be cornered to perform our yoga poses to look a certain way!

Instead, we should all be celebrating our unique bones and variations! We should be inspired by teachers who know how to guide each individual student to their best way of doing each asana. The right look and feel for them individually.

If I has a dollar for every time I heard someone say, ‘I went to yoga once, but the teacher wanted me to do stuff I could never get my body to do!!’

Or ‘I cannot do yoga, I’m not flexible enough’.

And ‘after that I will never try yoga again!’

The problem is that rule based and aligned based asana limits the student’s progress in their practice and therefore limits them ‘living our yoga’ progress too! No doors to deeper exploration of our Being can open if we get stuck in the physical!

There is an easy solution for all this. Functional yoga and movement.

And since I have a lot of knowledge (and passion) on the topic, naturally my purpose became to share it! Why?  Because spreading this knowledge and understanding will create greater worldwide community happiness!!!

My mission is simple, to educate yoga teachers to be outstanding! To share my knowledge so my graduates can teach intelligent, well-educated, and inspiring classes that functionally and uniquely assists every individual in the room.


The creation of resources for YOU


My teacher once told me that I had to share what I know and understand. He told me it was my duty and he handed me the support, the trust and thumbs up to create teacher trainings.

All my trainings started from that point. I have an urge to share this because it’s too good to be hidden, and really, it’s not mine to hide.

Yin, Yin Yang and Hatha trainings came along. All functional, no alignment rules insight and all providing a deep understanding from the old yoga books to modern science.

Out of that grew many workshops and of course, ‘Love My Bones’ functional anatomy course. The creating of trainings and course are ongoing. The more I learn, the more I have to share.

It is important to always check out who the heck is teaching you!


Anyone can call themselves an expert, a teacher trainer, a teacher or a course facilitator, so please do your background check on me!

See my background and education (a long list of what, where and whom I have studied with through the years hereto your right!


If you are interested in educating yourself through Mysan’s teacher training courses and would like to know more about who you will be studying with, here are some of Mysan’s qualifications:

  • Lymphatic and Glymphatic education, Dr Perry Nickelston, USA
  • Breathless instructor, Australia
  • Oxygen Advantage Coach (registered with Oxygen Advantage internationally)
  • Anatomy studies, wet lab with Gil Hedley (ongoing)
  • Applied movement neurology, AMN Academy, UK
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Paul Grilley (All 5 levels completed. Ongoing mentorship with Paul Grilley)
  • Epigenetic, conscious and subconscious mind seminars Bruce Lipton
  • Anatomy for Yoga with Paul Grilley
  • Assistant teacher to Paul Grilley at his Teacher Training
  • Anatomy for Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff
  • Anatomy Trains Studies with Tom Myers
  • Anatomy Wet lab studies, Wollongong University
  • Remedial Massage Therapy Diploma (1-year diploma, Massage Akademy, Sweden)
  • Anatomy Studies for rehabilitation and range of motion (1-year diploma, Massage Akademy, Sweden)
  • Chakra Balance and Meditation Teacher Training with Paul Grilley
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras studies with Paul Grilley – 100 hours and ongoing
  • Bhagavad Gita studies with Paul Grilley – 100 hours and ongoing
  • Reiki Certificate 1 and 2 (Qi Health and Yoga, Australia)
  • Meridian and Chi Flow science (Ongoing Apprenticeship with Acupuncturist)
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Diploma (1-year diploma, Qi Health and Yoga, Australia)
  • Certificate 3 Fitness Instructor (Fitness Institute of Australia)
  • Bachelor of Business (Macquarie University, Australia)
  • Master of Commerce (Sydney University, Australia)
  • Sport Science modules (Macquarie University, Australia)
  • Nutrition and Chef Degree (Ljungstedska Skola, Sweden)
  • Senior First Aid
  • International Experienced Senior Teacher registration with WYA.


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