Yoga and Intentions – Riding the milky Way of the Universe!

(FYI if you are reading this and are in the season of spring, scroll down and read up on the awesomeness of spring! You won’t regret it!)

As we are conscious in our present moments – things tend to fall into place

Our yoga practice guides us and allows us to be present in the moment. It also allows us to have a thorough think and feel (maybe even more so in a deep Yin practice!). To feel our purpose and passion. When I practice, most days, I set an intention to get into the groove of the Universe and to allow it to make the magic of life come my way.

We are so fast moving and we often forget to feel what is happening in this exact moment – we fly high through life and moments, being in our head, without noticing what’s really happening and the feelings and emotions behind it.

It is not hard, but it will require some effort from you. The effort to stop. If we can start to slow down and take a breath, we will explore and experience the moment we are in very differently. In Yin yoga this almost comes automatically – you sit still, with you and breathe.

If we, once in a while through our day, in our yoga practice, stop and feel the gap between the inhale and the exhale – where silence resides – we will start to connect further to nature and life. Yin yoga is a brilliant practice for this!

And as we start to feel and be conscious in the present moment, rather than flying high away or above our bodies, away somewhere with our mind, making up stories of the past or the future, in the land of hectic, busy, crazy, we can actually allow our world and Universe to take a shape to suit us just right.

Starting to just take a breath and feel it, feel the gap between the inhale and the exhale, feel the exhale. Not so hard after all.

Intentions are a way to feed the flow of the Universe or ‘Whatever Is Beyond’, ‘The Bigger Picture’ if you will, with conscious awareness of how we would like (or how we are meant) to move and groove, share and educate, learn, live and laugh, love and enjoy our days and lives.

Intentions are your conscious awareness boosting the creations of living your purpose and passion. Similar to goals, yet different, intentions will get you somewhere, only intentions are not so set in stone as goals are, they are more flowy and moving. Moving with the changes that happens within you in each moment.

So do you want to get a rocking Universe happening in each moment of your life?

Here are some goodness to start setting your intentions

How to set an intention:

Make it possible and realistic! Feel that you set your intention in the realm of your possibility.

Make it clear and be specific! Bring in “feeling words”, for example; I want a job that makes me feel connected – remembering that whatever you feel is sent out to the Universe and the Universe will match that feeling – so feel the good stuff!

Your intention has to feel good when you say it! Feel great about what you want and make sure the sentence sits well with you, your beliefs and values.

Talk about what you WANT – not what you don’t want! Take away words such as don’t and use action words instead, such as; will, do, achieve, make

Intentions are about bringing consciousness to creation

Your Intention – How to:

Start big, brainstorm, think huge and write random big stuff down, letting the words flow – less analysing more freedom and flow!

Make it positive – state it, put it into positivity. For example; do not use non-judgmental, use accepting!

De-program before Re-program, make sure to take away and erase the negative feelings before putting in positive ones. So if you feel negatively about something, have a look and feel into it – what is the icky stuff and see if you can dissolve it, change it, move it – then getting to work with the good stuff will be in flow

Align with what you actually want NOW – feel your vibration – that vibration is now.

Bring the feeling into the now – for example; I now weigh 65kg – not; I want to weigh 65 kilos – you are already there!!

Talk and think about your intentions, share them with friends, repeat them again and again – condition yourself! You know, Post-it-notes, lipstick on the mirror writings – that kind of stuff!

Add breath and intention to your life. Your Yin yoga practice is a perfect place to start to set intentions. I am sure that soon enough, these moments will be explored off the mat in your everyday life too. Feel the gaps of silence between your inhale and your exhale, be in each present moment and feel what is to be explored, set your intentions clearly and shout it all out loud – let the creation come to you and ride that milky way of the Universe.

You got it all within!