Did you know that the thoughts you have today are approximately 95% the same as the thoughts you had yesterday? In other words, 95% of who we are is a set of automatic subconscious patterns.

Sounds crazy hey??!!

So no wonder that life sometimes feels like groundhog day!

Because mentally it very much is!  That feeling of being stuck, that life ‘just rolls on the same day by day’ is our automatic subconscious patterns that isn’t reflecting the life we want and we feel stuck.

The thing is that when we’re thinking the same thoughts as yesterday, we make decisions the same as yesterday. This emphasises yesterday’s thinking and triggers more actions based on that, which again escalates the same perspective until it becomes a deeply ingrained belief.

That doesn’t sound too great!!

And we have all been there, trapped and stuck in life patterns that does not serve us, and even so we play it again and again and act it out on repeat!

Why do we do that?

Because our subconscious mind runs 95% of the show based on the pre-recorded knowledge and memorised patterns and don’t see any other way to go about it!

So how do we give the subconscious mind a different option?

Well, you always have a choice and you can choose to start to change things up!

Creating new healthy happy habits is difficult (it will require your effort and work, your love and compassion!) but of course doable!!

By choosing to do something different we are on the way!

Starting small is often great! Making a small change will trigger the brain to fire in a new pattern. By starting to move, groove, feel, and think differently, bit by bit, will gradually shift your perspective. And soon enough we will get out of that ‘being stuck’ feeling as solutions often appear (like magic!) when we change our perspective!

The new experiences elevate us, inspire us and we are on the right track!

Moving away from autopilot actions and reactions is hard but anything you have learnt along the way of life can be unlearned and we can move to different grounds!

So this season, is it time to shake up some of those old habits?

Move and feel differently? Set a new routine?

Here are some suggestions:

– Set the alarm 30-60 minutes early and wake up slowly, get out of bed and do a short yoga session or meditation. Ready for a balanced day ahead.

– Sign up for a training, a course or seminar to challenge our perspective and Being.

– Commit to practice 4 times (or more) per week and after each practice write down 3 words of how practice felt. It may not always be positive, but those negative words are what we want to change!

– Sign up for a mentorship, reach out to a teacher or buddy up with someone that inspires you and set weekly meet up’s and discussions to welcome different perspectives.

– Each day do something you have not done before (or something you have not done in a long time!) such as draw a picture, walk a different way home from work, treat yourself with a meal you never cooked before.

– I am sure you can come up with many more ways to walk through your days differently so I encourage you to get creative and take action!

Embrace the challenges that change our perspective!

I’d love to hear how you go!