Wherever there is flow (of water, blood, energy) in our body there is less opportunity for inflammation.

Where we may have inflammation it’s easier for pathogens, bacteria, viruses to grab a hold and stay. Much like our rivers on mama Earth.

A river may be polluted upstream but since in flow and movement the water is cleansed as it moves over rocks and moss downstream. No pollution can hold on when water is in flow. The water in our body and the flow of our Being will do the same. So how do we allow and create more flow and balance?

1. Exercise in a yang way (heart rate, strength and cardio – free movement!) 2. Exercise your fascia in a yin way (Yin yoga – deep elongation and massaging for joints and bones- opening into where inflammation often resides to wash it away)

3. Ground and nurture from skin to skin contact with Nature (Soak up D vitamin. Walk barefoot. Or use a grounding mat)

4. Eat greens and food in season and antiviral / anti-inflammatory foods (really just fresh greens and veg, c vitamin rich foods, good salt for essential minerals, turmeric, bitter greens, medicinal mushrooms…)

5. Laugh a lot (lighten up, don’t be so serious, be more playful, enjoy being foolish and silly – us grown-ups are often too serious. I dare you to perform a silly dance!)

6. Take a pause. Enjoy relaxation and the feeling of calm. This may be hard in turmoil but really, there is a calm behind all this when you allow flow rather then get stuck in dramas being fed to you. Maybe switch off the tv, make sure social media doesn’t consume you, don’t buy in to the dramas of life but keep it real and in the moment.

How? Meditate and breathe. Pause and breathe. Yoga Nidra. Meditations. Sit with a cuppa and relax in the sun, oh and did I mention be in nature. Nature connection is often the answer.

7. Love a lot. To close ones and people far away, to strangers and people in pain and struggle send love, share love, lead with your heart, be love. How can you be more loving?