This is for the northern hemisphere participants who are entering spring. For a greater understanding may want to read up on the elements in the autumn write up just below this.

As the days become warmer and lighter Mama nature awakens from her winter rest to the new growth of spring. The Wood, the element of spring has been at rest through winter and has been storing its energy under the winter blanket, again comes alive with new inspiring life, new buds bursting through Earth’s skin.

The season of spring starts rebirth – the swelling wood of spring is the energy force, a rising of energy. Greenery and flowers start to pop up everywhere we look. The energy of wood is of youth, newness and growth. New beginnings, new inspirations, a new cycle.

The Wood energy of spring expresses life at its strongest.

If we (as we should have) have followed Mama Natures guidance and taken a winter rest, we too will move into spring enthusiastic and eager to get going, to evolve and to do so with a sense of purpose and strive and clear vision.

In spring we to plant seeds for a future harvest. This is a brilliant time a year to set intentions, start to manifest and look ahead with curiosity of where you would like to go. This is the time of year to make new plans, ponder and set our new direction, be inspired by ideas and take action on them – planting the seeds for the coming year, planning and planting  your garden as you would like it.

We take advantage of these opportunities of growth, not only in nature but also within us as well as in relationships with others.

Warmer days encourages us to be outside more than in the winter. Connecting further in to health with our planet and Mama Nature. Warmth from the sun and nature as well as warmth from spending time with friends and nurturing relationships.

We start to see nature, ourselves others and relationships with that clear vision of spring and at times that may be intimidating and painful as we may see parts of us, others and relationships that we were not aware of.

The energy of spring encourage us and challenges us to evolve, grow and change and there may be feelings of discomfort within this evolving time. A little bit of growing pain. But as yogis we continuously try to see with that clear vision and from our inner essence of truth so we dare and dive in. Knowing that everything we succeeded in in life before has grown from being vulnerable. The opportunities are many, the pure potential at our fingertips. So we get on our yoga mat to clear our head and vision to step in to our truth and continue to evolve grow and learn. This is how the intimidation, pain and fear resides.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Wood element represents the liver and the gall bladder meridian lines. These are our spring organs.

Associated with the liver energy and the wood elements is direction. Direction of where to move in life to live in balance with Mama Nature, the energy is our vision of the future.

The Gall Bladder meridian, the best buddy of the liver meridian, provides us with the ability to make decisions with ease and judge wisely.

When these guys are in balance and harmony we see new possibilities and opportunities with ease and with the wisdom of direction, wise judgements and clear decision making we move in to success.

On the other hand, if the energy of the wood element is stagnated and stuck all our planning and visions, direction and strive,  decision making and judgments are stalled and frustration and anger is surfacing.

So kick off your shoes, get out in nature, soak up some sunshine. Look at the new growth surrounding you, enjoy the buds and green leaves.

Eat vegetables in season, green leaves and spring goodness. Plant some seed in your window or in the garden.

See with your clear vision, write down intensions, plans and inspirations and take actions on it, start to water the seeds you plant.

Meditate and practice asana for insights and deeper connections in to you, feeling from inside what direction to move in to, what visions to follow. Let your asana be emphasised with gluteal openers and side body elongation, elongation of inner thigh and up over front hips to aid liver and gallbladder meridians.

Use the budding energy of spring wisely, so that the seeds you plant in yourself, within your work life and in your whole life turn in to crops that you really wish to harvest. Enjoy your spring time and get creative!!